This is a growing BETA of the next gen of .acidlog - it'll start of as the basics and slowly grow.
Lol hi from 2016

This is kool -Ed

09:56 pm
Sunday, May 29, 2016

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Official shutdown of .acidlog

This is the final entry that'll go in here - just to make sure everyone knows it's been replaced by the following address:

And I'm sorry, Blogdrive - so long since "Milo" then "The Rule of Four" then ".acidlog".
All the server crashes. All the times.

But this is the end of .acidlog here, and hello to Blogsome's Wordpress system!


P.S. Don't delete my entries because you're angry.

06:29 pm
Monday, November 20, 2006


What next?

Edward's list of things to do. (In order of priority)

  • Start and finish English essay on Animal Farm
  • Start and not really finish the maths challenge problems
  • Revise maths chapters
  • Look over history text, latest chapter
  • Look over some science and worry about the class test
  • Learn "An Jing" on the piano
  • Wait and wait and wait for all torrents to finish downloading and in the meantime explore my new iriver e10

08:15 pm
Tuesday, July 04, 2006

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iriver e102006


The ipod is no match for the IRIVER E10!!!!!1
(Got it in Sim Lim Tower at night on the 28th of June 2006)

05:06 pm
Monday, July 03, 2006

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Talent quest

Today was the SRC talent quest, my hands were trembling like mad, so much so that I didn't play "Imagine" right. But anyway, everyone said it was good so - I went with the flow, and felt better.


05:37 pm
Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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Your next assignment, Mr. Cheng

Statistics. Statistics. Statistics. Maths assignment, the last of the semester.
FINALLY, the semester is ending and the longest yet holiday is about to begin!
A week! A week to go! AT LAST.

And there's an update in the "growing" UI of this new version of .acidlog.
While you're looking at the new things, have a go at my Johari Window (via Rae).

And one more thing - the (complete) songs I can play now on piano are:

1. To Zanarkand - FFX (as seen before on my youtube post)
2. The Scientist - Coldplay (Look forward to a youtube video)
3. Imagine - John Lennon (Same above)

I hope youtube somehow raises the traffic I get here...(tracking on Google Analytics).

10:45 pm
Saturday, June 17, 2006


666 - The world hasn't ended yet

Hmmm, still here!
.acidlog carries on!

Nothing much significant happened today - no earthquakes, no waking up to an empty earth and no mega war of armageddon today.

It was just the 6th of the 6th of the 6th. And that's all.
Except, while writing this, for a storm outside the window which is pretty bad.
In fact nothing really interesting happened at all.

But the interesting thing is that the movie - 'The Omen', which opens today in cinemas, describes the end of the world happens over a course of 6 days. So really it's the 12th everyone should be worrying about.

Today, you are reading this in .acidlog's latest and most advanced UI ever. EVER. And i'm proud to have released it today - on the 6/06/06!

THIS is a day to remember as there will only be 6 more triple number dates for our generation to enjoy. And that'll be all! The year only ever has 12 months!


06:45 pm
Tuesday, June 06, 2006


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